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I’m a self-taught painter living in South Wales, and a nurse in “real life”. Painting has always been my hobby, but I began to paint more often about 10 years ago when it dawned on me how short life is, and wondered what I was waiting for.
Frequently it seems as though I’m painting the same theme over and over again, and yet can’t see a reason to break away from this activity. I’m trying to revisit and depict the meaning and feeling I had when I saw a particular landscape. When someone else derives a personal pleasure or significance from a painting, it gains another dimension for me.
Winter or Autumn provide the usual backdrops for my work. I’m drawn to the melancholy and the search for something redeeming amid decay or despondency.

I can be contacted at glenn-carney@hotmail.co.uk Thank you

Posted November 22, 2010 by Glenn

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  1. I’m in Seattle how might I purchase one of your pieces?

    • Hello and thanks for contacting me. I am represented by a gallery called CardiffM.A.D.E – if there’s something that you like, then I can let you know if it is available, and the gallery could handle the transaction. Their email address is:

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